Dentures are custom-designed composite teeth designed to replace broken or diseased natural teeth. They also bring your jaw-line back to its natural state and allow you to chew properly. An often overlooked benefit of dentures is they not only benefit your appearance and health, they often enhance your ability to speak clearly.

When you lose teeth, facial muscles can sag, making you look older. Your dentures will be designed to closely resemble your natural teeth so your profile will be restored to its prior, more vigorous look.

It is not uncommon for patients to feel some initial minor irritation and soreness with their new dentures. This typically diminishes somewhat quickly and your dentures become a welcome part of a healthy jaw alignment. You'll want to work closely with your dentist, at first, letting him know how your new dentures are feeling, and if you have any problems. The process has been used by dentists for many years, and improvements are constantly being made.

Teeth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a relatively straightforward process in the majority of cases. One thing that has changed over the years is that pulling teeth is no longer like "pulling teeth." Local anesthetics have taken the pain out of the process and the most a patient might feel is minor soreness in the area afterwards.

Exodontics, the scientific name for good old-fashioned tooth extraction, is performed typically on diseased or broken teeth, which are not restorable through crowns, veneers or any other methods. Removing impacted wisdom teeth is among the most common procedures. Another typical extraction involves "spacing", which is required when one tooth is crowding others and space is needed to keep them aligned and healthy. Tooth extraction is usually an out-patient procedure, although in some rare cases, more serious surgery may be required.

Many people still fear tooth extraction because decades ago it was done with minimal anesthetic. Today, of course, it is a virtually painless process that can boost your dental health.

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